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Overdrive or high speed gears in 1603 Sedan


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Hi all ---

I have an opportunity to buy a 1938 1603 Sedan. The car runs and drives (needs TLC) but really could use a higher gear ratio than what's on it --- something like a 4.69.

Has anyone put an overdrive into a car like this? If so, what brand and gear ratios? I figure there's not alot of room under there to mount just any kind of overdrive.

Alternatively, are high speed gears still available now that Phil Bray has passed on?

My Packard experience has been with 1920's cars, so this would be "modern" to me. :-)

Thanks -- Scott

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I put an R11 overdrive in my 38 Jr. coupe and it made a BIG difference - reduced my RPM by 22-25%. I converted it to the cane shifter and had to do some frame modifications. I not sure if the R11 from a Jr will fit your car (just happen to have a spare R11). If you are ever in RI come check out the difference with and without OD. I did do a quick test and at 2500 RPM I'm doing 66 MPH

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