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Matt Harwood

FOR SALE: 1929 Packard 633 7P Sedan *SOLD*

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This 1929 Packard could probably qualify as my first love. Four years ago when I first started in this business, it was the very first car I listed. It came out of a pretty impressive collection and the guy how owned it at that time tossed me the keys and let me drive it, no questions asked. When I returned from my test drive with a big grin on my face, he told me what he wanted to get for it, and I immediately started crunching numbers to see if I could put it in my own garage. Sadly, before that could happen, I sold it. Of course, you already know that shortly thereafter, I bought a green 1929 Cadillac sedan--with disc wheels, no less!--and retrofitted it with a Lloyd Young overdrive unit. So you see, this lovely Packard is very special to me.

Fast forward four years and the current owner called me looking to sell it once again. He's moving up to something a little different (and a little brassier) so he needs the space. In the four years since I last saw this lovely Packard, he's upgraded it with Trippe lights and a trunk, both of which I think give it a more substantial appearance, particularly the trunk which balances the long hood. He's buffed the paint so it has a deeper shine than it had when I last saw it, and there's a new roof insert up top to seal it up. The restoration was done in the '80s, but is holding up remarkably well and the colors appear to be the original combination. The body in particular shows quite well, while the front fenders show some minor checking and a few spots here and there that might buff out, or you might consider repainting the front fenders to really bring them up to the quality of the rest of the car. Doors fit well, the chrome in in good order, and it has a very pleasing all-of-a-piece look.

The luxurious tan broadcloth interior is extremely nice with only very minimal wear on the front seat. Correct patterns and materials were used during the restoration, and despite the passage of time, the cushions are still firm and supportive. Twin jump seats fold out of the driver's seat back and add decent space for short-term passengers or children, and with them stowed, legroom is expansive. All the gauges work save for the fuel gauge, but it comes with a repair kit that just hasn't been installed yet. The wood moldings on the doors are quite nice, and I'd probably give them a coat of linseed oil and a quick buff to really make them shine.

The engine is a 320 cubic inch straight-8, which replaced the six in 1929. It was rebuilt during the 1980s restoration and runs superbly today. The story is that once the restoration was completed, the gentleman who owned it embarked on a trip around the country and the car performed flawlessly. Today it fires up easily using the original vacuum tank and pulls with big Packard torque that you should probably experience at least once in your life. It's not detailed for show, but it has been cleaned up since these photos were taken and that horrendous homemade metal shield around the vacuum tank has been removed, so the engine bay looks much tidier. It is equipped with a fully functional Lloyd Young overdrive unit, which is why I put one on my own car, and it allows this big Packard to cruise happily at 55-60 MPH. The Denman blackwall tires are relatively recent and look right, and the underside, while not detailed, is in fine mechanical condition.

This is an outstanding tour car and a great entry-level Full Classic. As I said, it was a car I desperately wanted to own myself and it is just as impressive today. We're asking $39,900, which is the same price as four years ago, and we're always open to reasonable offers. Thanks for looking!

Car is currently located in Scottsdale, Arizona.













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