1958 Caballero

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How could any other cars in the class be more perfect than that?

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13 hours ago, SBRMD said:

How could any other cars in the class be more perfect than that?


The way they examine the cars at Autorama, the small scratches on the liftgate glass might have been enough to differentiate my car from the award winners.

It's a very comprehensive judging effort, including very detailed under-car inspection.


I don't know how my car scored, but I was proud of it!

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Oh my gosh!  What a beautiful Buick.  Quite a piece of work and labor of love.   Absolutely love it!  

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Posted (edited)

Joe, Your 58 is spectacular!!! Thanks for bringing it to the National so we could all enjoy it! Hopefully you didn't have to wipe off too much drool!

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6 minutes ago, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:

I agree with Brian!   Enjoyed the car and honored to meet you, Joe.




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I agree, well done!  Really cool seeing it with another, custom one!

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Posted (edited)

Thanks to all of you for the kind comments.

It was great meeting so many of you in person!


As some of you know, the Caballero received a Senior Gold award at the 2019 meet.

It also took a "1st Place" in its class at the Cincinnati Concours on June 9.


I want to thank those of you who helped and supported the build, especially Pat O'Malley, Larry Schramm, 57BuickJim, SMartin and d.e.i.


The Caballero is tucked away until late July, when it will appear at the Concours of America at St. John's in Plymouth, MI. Hope to see many Buick fans there, too!


I have planned some winter projects for the car, including installation of the power brake unit, fabrication of new floor mats and improving the rear seat trim appearance. 




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And thank you so much for adding me to you support group.

Not sure I played too much a part with the Caballero but as you know I'm "all in" with anything '58 Buick!

Having seen it up close and personal with you at times has been a great inspiration and motivation to get at my Limited as did following your thread detailing various steps that go with a nut and bolt restoration! 


May you and yours continue to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work!

It's been a pleasure to get to know you (and the gang).

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Here's a little bit of "back story" to fill the gap between my last update in March and the recent posts from Oklahoma.


Immediately after the Detroit Autorama show, we left for a well-deserved vacation in Arizona.


Then, I made a couple of improvements to the car before heading to the Cincinnati Concours on June  9.

I installed the seals to close out the outer wheel wells to the quarter panels.
They were installed with stainless steel staples and sealed with a heavy bodied sealer between the seal and the wheelwell.
This picture shows the first 2 staples installed on the left side seal.
It was a tight environment and took some creativity to figure out a way to crimp the legs of the staples in a very small space.



Here's the completed installation:


I also applied undercoating to the floors and under-body as it was applied by the factory.
To begin, I masked off the frame and other areas that did not receive the factory undercoating.
In this photo, you can see the masked areas and some of the undercoating already applied to the floor pans.




Originally, the underside of the tire well was undercoated, but the floor pans were undercoated only to the back of the rear axle and not above the fuel tank. Go figure...



I also added the 6 sets of seat belts. I chose contrasting, brown belts with the chrome lift latches.
Here, I have attached cords to the belt anchors to assist with inserting the belts between the seat cushion and the seat back.



I also used a piece of harness wrap to help push the cord through the gap



Then, bolted the belt anchors to the underbody anchor plates that were installed when the metal work was completed.

It's a nice, clean look.




Installation of the rear seat belts was a little easier, since the cushion and the back can be separated.



I also wanted to improve the appearance of the rear liftgate windlace. It was very wavy and didn't fit snugly against the liftgate opening.

Every time I opened the gate, the windlace looked like it had been pushed out of position by the upper liftgate frame.

I removed the windlace, tore the stitching out of the cloth cover and slit the foam core to accept a plastic reinforcement:


I re-stitched the cover to the reinforced foam core, while adding a 3mm thick foam rubber "gasket" to tighten the fit of the windlace to the upper liftgate opening.
The gasket won't be visible when the windlace is installed because it is trapped between the metal garnish molding and the liftgate opening in the body shell.


Much better!!!
The windlace is held tightly in place. It flexes "down" when the upper liftgate is closed, but it does not move out of position. It's straight and neat.




In the circled area, you can see that the trim cover on the front seat has begun to pucker. The cover was too loose on the cushion.



I pulled the front seat out of the car to re-pad the seat cushion.
I removed the top 2 layers of cotton/poly padding and foam and replaced them with a thicker, firmer layer of bonded foam.
The cover is much tighter and the seat holds a more defined shape at the perimeter.




Ready for Cincinnati!




The Caballero was placed in a Featured Class, celebrating Mid-Century Modern design.
It was in a group comprised of 1958 to 1965 closed cars.

"Best in Class" (Blue Ribbon) went to a beautiful, silver, fuel injected 1963 Corvette coupe.



We got "First Place" (Red Ribbon) in the class. Essentially, first runner up.




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Want to see the Caballero on the 2020 Auto Value calendar?
You can vote once per day from each ISP, as well as from your mobile.
Here's a link to the voting page:

The top 20 vote getters will be the finalists for the 12 monthly spots.
The voting ends on July 24th, so vote often!
Thanks for your help!

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