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Bumpers - Chrome to ID - Several Posts


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I have several bumpers to ID that I need to get at least a general ID of what they might go to and what I should ask for them. I have a guy who is interested in them and I honestly have no idea what prices they are fetching nowadays. I have been out of touch with the market for a while so I need to do more research before I am going to know what things are worth in our present economy. I want to make him a good deal and still feel like I haven't been taken to the cleaners.

All of these bumpers are in very good condition but if someone wants them for a show car they will want them re-chromed. Some are better than others. If anyone is interested in any of these please let me know. I am in central Texas, between Austin and San Antonio. I also have other car parts but will post them as I pull them.



RH Chrome Piece#1 RH Chrome Piece#2 RH Chrome Piece#3 RH Chrome Piece#4


V-Shape Chrome Pieces #1-5post-58481-14314267795_thumb.jpg








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I agree with Fleek--'58 Olds. The others are mixed makes, mixed years. The '58 Olds pieces aren't worth much, due to the pitting in the chrome, and replating of chrome parts is quite expensive. You might get $25 to $30 apiece for them, and then the buyer will have to spend $150 to $200 apiece to make them presentable.

Pete Phillips

Leonard, Tx

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I haven't been on here for a while so I thought I would 'bump' these back up and see if anyone is interested. There are three posts with a large selection of bumpers available and a few more available that are not pictured. My husband was in a head-on accident last year and ended up in a coma for a while. I am selling this whole lot of bumpers and more parts to raise money to move to a different home. We are in rough shape financially but blessed in every other way possible. Jim is improving weekly and we are just happy that he survived!

So-anyone interested in the whole shebang gets the best and fastest deal. These are priced to move and I mean MOVE...you can email me at docdans(at)yahoodotcom

thanks & good to be back!



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