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1900 Smith Auto FS


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From: "Brian" <jbriancroker@hotmail.com> <BR>To: <peterg@aaca.org> <BR>Date: 07/25/2002 03:27 PM <P>Hi, I am hoping you can help me. I am trying to help some friends of mine sell a car they have had stored. They are selling the vehicle because of medical reasons. I have included some pictures of the car and the ad that I am going to placing on any sites that might have an interest. If you or anyone you know may be interested in this vehicle, please contact he email address or phone number below. Or if you can suggest any sites that I can place this ad with some pictures, I would really appreciate and info you can give. Thank you and please feel free to pass this info on to anyone.<BR>Brian Croker<BR>-------<BR> <BR>ONE OF A KIND "SMITH" AUTOMOBILE. BUILT IN LOS ANGELES, CA. BY THE SMITH AUTO MACHINE COMPANY IN 1900. AUTOMOBILE IS IN GOOD CONDITION. THE ENGINE RUNS AND THE AUTO NEEDS ONLY TIRES AND SOME LIGHT RESTORATION. 2 CYLINDER, AIR COOLED ENGINE, DIFFERENTIAL BELT DRIVE, TILLER STEERING, BELIEVED TO BE THE ONLY ONE BUILT BY THE COMPANY. ESTIMATED WORTH $35,000. MUSEUM PIECE IF RESTORED. THIS AUTOMOBILE WOULD BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE LONDON/BRIGHTON RACE. MORE PICTURES AND INFORMATION ARE AVAILABLE AT THE PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW. IF CONTACTING BY PHONE, PLEASE CALL ONLY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 7:00 AM AND 9:00 PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. THE AUTOMOBILE IS LOCATED IN CALIFORNIA. THANK YOU.<BR> <BR>newbeginings@jps.net or (530) 889-8743. <BR> <P> smith3.jpg

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