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1925 Chrysler six B-70

Guest Ralf

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i am looking for some information on how to remove the gearbox on my 1925 B-70.

I have removed all attached extenssions and the the transmission case bolts.The gearbox can be pulled back, but only about 1/4 inch.

Is it perhaps necessary to remove the clutch housing screws, which bolt the clutch to the flywheel ?.In this case i would have to reinstall the clutch pedal, in order to be able to turn the clutch to reach all the housing screws.

I would appreciate any information concerning this problem.

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inspection cover was removed, without any findings.

Transmission was removed 4 years ago by previous owner.Their should be no corrosion related problems.

Unfortunatly the previous owner could not be contacted, to give any assistance in how he removed the transmission at this occassion.

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