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37 MC box floor


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I will be be fabing a new steel floor for a 37 DB MC pickup fairly soon. I plan to make it in two sections as factory and press the wide ribs with my Pullmax nibbler. I will make the "V" cross braces as well. Measurements will be taken from a rusty original.

Does anyone want me to make any of these parts for them?

Thanks. John in Iowa 50632

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Hi John:

Glad to hear you are making these parts. I could use the "V" cross braces. Any idea as to when they will be available? I have a spare bed over here in PA, if you have any use for it. I just acquired a new bed that is in great shape (had been converted to a trailer and the cross braces need to be replaced). They cut the mounting brackets off, and I'll need to fabricate these as well. Be happy to speak with you about make these, if you are interested. maybe we could catch up some time.



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