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Possible scam artist


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I have been emailed by a guy in UK after posting a Parts Wanted add and he is going by name of Chris Wright with an email of bigchris wright@gmail.com.

After perusing the scam related threads it appears he is one as he used the paypal is dormant and that he would be a good source of parts as he was stripping a fully restored car he could not sell. Sent pics of an immaculate car.

I stated would only use paypal and he has offered to take deposit until goods arrive.

If anyone has dealt with this guy and he is legit can you please let me know.

I have learnt a lesson not to post private email.


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Not sure if it is the guy who sent the message to mcgoo, but someone using the same user name as shown in cahartley's link on the other forum, "rite" (but with a different gmail address) was also registered here via a Nigerian IP address. That user has now been banned.

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