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Not sure if the '39 Chrysler used a seal similar to the one on my '33 Plymouth but given Chrysler Corporations engineering department I wouldn't be surprised to if it followed the general scheme. On mine there is a stamped steel carrier with the seal pressed into that. The carrier is held on the axle by the same bolts that hold the brake backing plate (and the brake backing plate holds the axle shaft bearing in place). If yours is at all similar, then maybe what I did would work for you too: I removed the original seal from the carrier and pressed in a new neoprene one. My write up is at http://www.ply33.com/Repair/axle_seal/

I think the later (1940s style) seals which don't use that type of carrier are available in neoprene too. But if that is the case for you, then it should be easy to get it matched up at a good industrial bearing company as Rusty suggests.

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G'Day Ply33 and Thankyou for your informative post, I printed off your axle seal replacement article, very handy to have for anyone with old Mopars.

For the record the original seal for my 1939 C22 is OEM number 1064856 or 651725 which I think is superseded by 891437. However I did also discover a Timken Number 5797.

However I think I will try as you suggest and find a neoprene seal that will press into the old metal seal case/carrier, I will checkout the Timken neoprene seal 350936 you recommended,


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ply33, great information. I have the same problem with my 37 DeSoto. One hub is worn down far too much for a new seal to work. Where can I get the speedi-sleeve you listed?



Speedi sleeve is a standard part sold in every industrial bearing shop. They are made in various sizes to fit all kinds of shafts.

As Rusty notes, any industrial bearing shop should carry them. And any competent automotive machine shop should be able to get them too. Speedi-Sleeve is, I think, a trade name and I believe there are other brands available which your local machine shop may prefer.

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Anyone have experience with using old Rear Outer Seals? I have tried three "fresh Old Stock" ones on my 1929 Series 65 so far but grease intrusion into brake drum persists. Would I have to go for modern equivalent and possibly also renew the Inner Seal?

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I was going to buy several outer seals off of E-Bay, and have a couple extras. However I was concerned about the leather being dried out. I found a seal on the McMatster Carr web-site #5154T45 which I think will work. It is of the proper dimensions. I tried finding the Timken seal, but I had no luck on the Timken website.

I'm going to pull the axles and replace the inner seals also, as well as the pinion seal. I will try to source the new seals through the McMaster Carr website.

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