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Funny / Neat customized license plates

dan at larescorp

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I was going thru Montana a few years back and saw a pickup truck with a genuine Montana plate FAQUE2

Ha Ha.... it's even better since it was a genuine plate. Wonder what the owner thought when they opened the envelope :eek:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a 50 Chevy truck painted with tuxedo black (triple black with white whitewalls), custom plate reads "50TUX", does that count ?

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Vanity plates are very common here in NZ. Some of the better car related ones I have seen include;

YEEHAA on a Holden Rodeo - a rebadged Isuzu - I think in the US it might have been a Chevy Luv or?

BMEUP on an MGB - the owner was obviously a Star trek fan

Both of these have been around for quite a few years and both of them are now on other cars which lessens their impact quite a lot.

Most car related plates are some sort of variation on the name of the car, but many are not. If you click this link on prewarcar.com of our Pontiac chassis - http://www.prewarcar.com/magazine/quiz-archive/about-quiz-316-1926-pontiac-6-27-upd-two-sons-two-carbies-017133.html - and click on the photo you will see that the pickup in the background that has the plate IVABG1.

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Several years back my chiropractor had "JAPALAC" on a Lexus.

I had "I8JAPAN" on my 76 Olds Ninety Eight for years (somebody already had I8TOKYO and I figured Godzilla could eat Japan as well as he could eat Tokyo).

One of the best I ever saw was on a local ENT doctor's Caprice Estate wagon- "BGR PIKR"

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Some seen on Crosleys.


These all belong to one collector, most Crosley people know who.









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Pontiac bud over in NC had some good ones too. WARPATH on a 66 Bonneville, HEAPFAST on a tri-power 64 GP, HEAPFUN on a 4-speed TransAM. His wife's 96 Olds Aurora had BOREALIS.

My 74 Hurst/Olds Pace Car has 58THNDY (58th Indy 500 race, May '74) and that late unlamented 97 Bravada had RKTRDR on a Virginia NASA plate. The old Gray Ghost wagon wears TBCORD (Tobacco Road) on a Virginia Tobacco Heritage plate. But, as they became eligible for permanent antique plates, they lost their personalized plates and gained either YOM plates or state-issued antique plates.

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When I was the President/treasurer and webmaster for the Amphicar club, I did an entire page dedicated to vanity pl8tes on Amphicars that is still to be found there (www.Amphicar.com). I didn't want mine to be like all the rest so I decided to go with the most asked question I get A WHAT?. I have had this plate since 1999.

A friend has NASHCAR on his 52 Nash. My 1969 Bonneville was RU4692 (read RU4 69 2?) My 2nd 66 Cadillac ragtop said HAD1B4. My Harley is HD GIMP. After 18 years on my bike somebody complained and the state pulled it. Now I'm fighting to get it back. Countless people saw it in all those years and a dozen magazines, one idiot complains and I have to give it up?



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