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Gas gauge for '27 Model 27 Standard sedan.

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Hi everyone-

I am nearing the end of restoring a 1927 Buick model 27 Standard and gas gauge is located on gas tank in rear. I need gas gauge if anyone has a spare. I have been told that a 1925- 1928 model year gauge will work, as all were located on gas tank.

This has been a nuts and bolts restoration, lasting about 4 years. Took SMS wool fabric to shop to re-do seats last week and nearing end- can't wait to drive her!

Thanks for any help in locating a gauge, or ideas as to how I may fabricate a replacement. The Buick will be concours quality, so want to make it as near showroom as I can.


Rick Gwinn

Buick Club and AACA member



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I have been looking for a gage for my 1925-25 since I bought it 2 years ago. Very simple wire rod and cork float. I had to make a new knurled bezel. The old one was crushed by someone trying to remove it with a pipe wrench. Also had to try to get the threaded neck close to round again. I was lent a gage from a 1924-45 to try to pattern one after. It is close but larger in diameter. I believe there is a reproduction service that does the domed gage face. I did find it on e-bay and believe they wanted over $200 for it. Way out of my price range! This is what I have done so far. The first photo is a sketch of what I believe will work. 2 is of the newly made Bezel. 3 and 4 are of the borrowed 1924 2 1/8" unit which is too large. In the mean time the wood stick works.


#5&6 pictures my friend Leif in Sweden sent.

post-79073-143142671326_thumb.jpgLast an out of focus example from an impeccably restored 1923-39 sport roadster.






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Rick, We talked the other day on this. My 26 Model 27 has the same gauge as shown. But my 27 Model 27 that was made into a Woodie Wagon in 1927 has a completely different type of gauge as it is up under the Woodie body. sorry I couldn't help you out. I have used Bob's Speedometers for my gauges. good Luck


Falmouth, me

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