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Watson transmission info wanted

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You might try sites like ATHS, HCEA and the old-Cat sites---I believe Watson made a line of 4WD trucks that'd be used in heavy const, mining, logging etc...Mroz says the early models (1917-19???) were short wheelbase "tractor" types that used Brown-Lipe clutches and transmissions....

I've 1918 and 1919 Power Wagon specs I can check in the AM, but under trans etc it doesn't give any model #s...

Watson died 1925 per Mroz; don't know if any clubs exist...

Originally Watson Wagon Company of Canastota, NY, name changes 1919 to Watson Products Cptn, and in 1923 to Watson Truck Cptn ...

Maybe local Hist Soc/Pub Lib might have some old company literature???

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Looked at those PW spec lists; they were 1919/20, not 1918...1919 didn't list the trans #, but the 1920 matched the 1919 with the addition of the B-L trans #s:

3/4T #21 with B-L 35 3 speed

11/2T #20 with same trans

21/2T #19 with B-L 35 but shown as 4 speed

31/2T #18 with B-L 50 4 speed

There wasn't any column for aux trans. I didn't mean to imply earlier that Watson didn't build over-the-road trucks, which I assume the above are.

Coachbuilt has a nice little piece on Watson if you haven't seen it...

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