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Wheels and tires for my 63 Riviera

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Hi, I'm looking for input on tires and wheels for my 63 Riviera. I like the 5 star chrome look with the wider and lower stance. Someone suggested a 17x8 in a 225 or 235 50 17. Any suggestions? Also I am planning on staying with the original drum brakes. Any companies that I can inquire that have the package rims and tires mounted and balanced to your door? Thanks

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Why????? Why not stick with some thing more correct to the year both size and style.

I have a set of cragar ss gold edition wheels that I picked up at a yard sale for my 65 Chrysler . I use the car as a driver

and if I do take it to a show I can swap out to the original wheels easy.

the cragars where from the mid 60s to early 70s

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The image is a 64 Riv. with the correct Buick wheels for the car. The wheels were a option, also wire wheel covers were a option. The 63-65 Riviera and it's wheel house opening are designed for those wheels. Adding larger than stock wheels will make the car look out of proportion to them, kind of like looking at Matchbox toys or Hot Wheel toys. In short, oversized wheels on a car not designed for them will make a beautiful car look like it's on steroids.


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I have a set of 17 X 8 Cragar SS wheels on my Chevy with less than 200 miles on them. I am going back to the polished stock ones. They are 5X5 with caps and chrome stems. PM me if your are interested. $1200 gets them to your door in the continental US. The Nito Invo's are going back on the original wheels.

post-46237-143142820653_thumb.jpg Bernie

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