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F/S 1934 Lincoln K KA KB V12 crankcase and transmission. $2,800. Hershey Delivery

George Albright

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Photos avail. by email. They are too large to post. Email: gnalbright@gmail.com Lincoln 1934 Model KA& KB V12 engine crankcase & trans. Serial # KA 2164. 414 C.I. Same basic engine and trans for all K Lincolns from 1934 thru 1939.(HISTORY: in 1933 the Lincoln Model KA was a 136 inch WB car with a V-12 engine of 381.7 C.I. The 1933 Model KB was 145 inch WB and had a DIFFERENT V 12 engine of 447.9 C.I. Beginning in 1934 The Lincoln KA of 136 inch WB and the Model KB of 145 inch WB used the SAME V 12 engine. Now the old smaller 1933 V12 of 381.7 C.I. was bored out an additional 1/8 of an inch, to 3 1/8 inches, making it 414 C.I. 1934 engines were stamped with KA and a serial number and KB and a serial number for their respective models. HOWEVER the 1934 KA and KB is the SAME 414 C.I. motor! The serial number of KA 2164 on my crankcase makes it a 1934. Again this crankcase is IDENTICAL for a 1934 Model KA and KB. This numbering pattern was followed in 1935. Then in 1936-39 all motors merely started with a K serial number wise. The KA and KB was dropped. It is also the same basic block for all K Models from 1934 thru 1939. Hope this helps! This info came out of the Clark/Kimes book on American cars).This auction includes crankcase, crank, camshaft, oil pan, timing gears & cover. Sorry no rods, pistons, jugs or heads. No other Lincoln parts. Transmission is complete and full of oil. GREAT Synchromesh trans for a hot rod rodder speedster Ford racer, sprint car, etc. Model A T B. $2,800 for both, or $1,800 each. Stored in in Ocala,Fla. Possible Hershey delivery Good Luck George Albright, Ocala, Fla. cell 352 843 1624 weekdays 10-4 EST Best

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