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Marty Roth

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Ok - Marty beat me this time with posting photos. Truth is I've been so busy have not even downloaded from my camera yet, but shot plenty! It was a pleasure to see all those nice cars in the sunshine. It actually got hot in Wisconsin! Wish we could have had both of those Sandusky Couriers together for a photo op - one unrestored, the other a fabulous restoration that I never tire of seeing. How about those HPOF cars? There was a beautifuly 1912 Buick Roadster, and a later Buick touring that has been in the same family all it's life, complete with a photo-story of a trip taken back when the car was new. I think I took a zillion pictures of that fire truck from Kalamazoo, Mich. The gold leaf on the white truck was striking, and it was dripping with brass! Ok Ok Ok - pictures! Will try to download some tonight. It was a great meet!


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