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1947 Buick Woodie, converted into a pickup.

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I recently acquired a 1947 Buick Woodie, converted into a pickup.

I bought it from the added pics, but now I have it in my possession.

I had originally decided to make it back to its original form, but upon seeing it, I am not so sure now.

It is still on my trailer, so no new pics, but I will post more after unloading it.

Any opinions or ideas??

Thanks, Mike







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Jusy my opinion.....

From your users name I gather that you have the means and knowledge to restore the car back to original.

From what is in the pics there are a lot of things needed to bring it back to original BUT....

I am a purist and I, personally, would restore it to original (can't figure out why anyone would hack up a Woodie in the first place - makes my crazy(ier))

Hack up a sedan that is beyond repair - and only to the point of no return - otherwise leave all older cars as is. IMO

From your point of view, what is your end goal?

Are you going to resell it or keep it? As a pickup it is a nice "conversation piece". Value wise , ehhhhhhh.

I am sure you are already aware the 46-48 Buick Woodies command high dollars in restored, original condition

I have owned many woodies and, again this is my opinion, I would have no interest in it as it is now - unless I was going to restore it (original)

Don't be offended - Again, just my opinions

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Well, I have a pair of correct Buick Woodie taillights that will be going on this one.

So the Chrysler ones will be up for sale...Can you use them?

I can use them (the beehive items). Got a price for them?

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Hey guys, I bought this relic off eBay, off poor pictures, so I was expecting not much.

It was in upstate NY, I am in California.

You get the picture?

(it actually took a year+ to get it here!)

I bought a 1947 Buick Woodie a few years ago, from Pennsylvania...total rust bucket, but I love the lines!!


But, when I actually got to see this one, the woodwork is superb, slightly weathered, but still well fitting joints, well designed.

I would be happy with it as it is, but my instinct is to take it back, but...the woodwork...so gorgeous!!

I build new wood for Woodies, and could make it back into a Woodie, but I have so many projects, so that is my dilemma.

More projects than years (and bucks) left!!

As an aside, I am currently trying to get through the restoration of a 1947 Buick Roadmaster Woodie, and have several other Buick Woodies, none of which are even remotely near running, so this is icing on the cake in some respects!!

Thanks Joe, for your comments, my thoughts exactly when buying this gem, but, the wood work...HMMMM!

I recently picked up a pair of 1948 Pontiac Woodies, both projects, and one was modified into a pickup.

It had been roughly done, even using drywall screws to hold soft wood together...UGH!! (see pics!)

They even used a carriage bolt to help hold a rear fender to the wood, through the outside of the fender, but it runs & drives!!

As does the 47 Buick.

It was what I expected with this one, but I almost hate to remove the wood so carefully planned and executed, which has held up well, even just needing re-varnishing.

I have been totally busy this week, and didn't have even a slight chance of adding some better pics, but I will as soon as I can, some closeups of the detail.





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Real glass in the doors might be a nice upgrade.

The doors seem to be totally custom made at this point, but I am just scraping the surface.

I would like it too, but it may require building new front doors.

Also, here in southern California, windows are not necessary!!

I am not sure I want to go that far yet, give me some time to figure things out!!!

Right now it is a Woodie that I can drive around in and enjoy, once registered!!!

That is cool to me!!

But, thanks for your input.


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  • 1 month later...

Not much yet, Keith, I have been swamped!!

(Read that, lazy!!)

OK, I admit I have been kicking back lately, I do that every so often, just to put things in perspective.

And to figure out the next step.

I have decided to improve the 47 "pickup" Woodie with things like chrome bumpers with correct rear guards,

replacing the silver painted ones!!

Each improvement is toward adding to its Woodie Wagon heritage.

But with so many Buick Woodie projects, I will keep this one that I can enjoy as it is, until some other projects start coming back to life.

I have also decided o sell a couple of my Buick Woodies, both projects.

I want to sell my 1953 Super, and my 1952 Roadmaster.

Yes, the latter being the subject of my other Buick Woodie thread,

[h=1]1952 Roadmaster Estate Wagon project.[/h]The link above will take you there.

Just too many projects, not enough years left!!

Any interested parties just ask for more info. Mike

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After having seemingly endless battery problems, I finally fired the Buick "pickup" up yesterday.

I live very remote, so I decided to take it for a spin...it is not yet registered!!

I actually only drove a half a block, and the local Sheriff popped out of a side street, and turned ahead of me!!

He's never around here, except yesterday!!

I did a quick turn around and backed it back into the shop!!

I had installed a new set of Coker wide whitewall radials, and they are smooth.

But the rear shocks seem to be low on oil, it bounces more than it should.

Years ago, I had a 48 Chevy convertible that I added oil to the shocks, and they held up for years.

But, I don't remember which oil I used, any suggestions?

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Hey Kieth, chuckled incessantly to your reply!!

So appropriate.

When you need them, never there...when you don't need them they show up!!

OK, I have been around, and have known some really good cops...

They cannot be everywhere, even when they want to be.

But, I was grateful that the sheriff was onto another wrong-doer, and not me!!!

Which I was!!

I will get it registered ASAP!!

And then drive it around as much as possible!!!

Now that it is running again!!

Old Buicks...my favorites always!!! Mike

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On 9/20/2016 at 7:00 PM, jackofalltrades70 said:


you done playing with that Buick truck and ready to sell it to me yet?  Would have to come all the way back to Pennsylvania......

 Funny you should say that now, I've recently been bugged by a local guy that wants it to take to old car swap meets.

 Since I have done nothing with it since my last post, I am thinking it needs to be used.

 I would hate to part with it, but it does need to be driven, he would.

 Things have changed in my life, that makes me able to free up some of my project Woodies.

 The pair of 1948 Pontiacs, a 1953 Buick Super, all sound projects..maybe others...

 So keep in touch, Mike

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 Same here!!

 Sorry to be so derelict here, but love blossomed in my life, totally messing me up, big time.

 I love Buick Woodies ( or any Woodie, for that matter), but a woman is much easier to get the love back from!!

 I am sure you understand!!

 But, I will try to stay in touch, always.

 Cheers, Mike

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To all, My friends here...

My Buick "pickup" is now in another Buick nut's hands, and he loves it immensely, just as it is, but he is capable of returning it to a wagon!!

 However, he also bought my 1947 Roadmaster Woodie project, so who knows where he will go???

I am selling all to go to Jamaica to be with my recently acquired wife, June, who I am head over heels in love with!!

I have known her for 20 or so years, and visited her last year, got married, and want to live out my final years with her...no more Woodies!

She returns my love, the most Woodies ever did was cost me $$$, and break down when I least expected it!!!!  LOL, not really!!

But, sometimes!!!

I am outa-here to Jamaica, but I will try to find the time to check here, and respond...we do have the internet over there!!

Cheers to all, Mike

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well, guys, I am out of here end of this week...

No more Woodies...they became more of an anchor than a love.

All have been grabbed up, at very low prices, but all is good, they are in good hands.

I enjoyed saving some of them, but now it is up to others.

I will stay in touch, as much as is possible while basking in the sun!!!

Cheers, Mike

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