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Original 1915-1922 Open Car Model T Windshield Frame with Original Brass Channels

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I have a complete (both upper and lower halves) windshield frame for a 1915-1922 Model T Ford Roadster or Touring car. I have been using it for "wall art" in my barn for several years and since I don't own a Model T thought someone out there in T-land could use it. It is complete with the hinge hardware where the two halves meet and has some surface rust but can easily be cleaned up and painted. Snyders sells new repros for $255 each. It also has the original brass liner which Snyders sells reproductions for $267. Combined cost of a reproduction: $522.00.

If you need it and are willing to give it a good home, the first $200 gets it (plus UPS ground shipping from Texas).






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