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'36 Coupe Door Question.

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Back when I was a teen many years ago, I tried to replace a banged up drivers door on a '36 Dodge Coupe with one off of a four door. It was the same length as the coupe, so I thought I'd give try. It mounted just fine, but it stuck out at the top rear edge. I figured, oh well, it was worth a shot. Recently I came across someone who was selling a door (front) off of a four door sedan who insisted that it was correct for a coupe. When I told him about my experience, he said that I just needed to use the both halves of the coupe hinge and it would fit fine. It's been far too many years to recall what I used for a hinge back when I tried it before. I know that the doors they have different part numbers in the book. Maybe I been wrong all this time. Have any of you been able to fit a front door from a sedan to a coupe?

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According to the parts book, as you said, they are listed as two different part numbers which leads me to believe that there is some difference. I know that the lock plate(panel below the window) is the same as the four door as is the belt weatherstrip which I just made for another guy with a coupe. I have a four door and could give you measurements. I don't know how the hinge would change the door mounting as I think the cowl is the same for all the cars but I could be wrong. Also be aware that are the hinges not only bolted to the "A" pillar but also welded to it and can be a devil to remove. I would think that there is some difference in the body contour in the upper roof lines between the coupes and the sedans. You'll also notice that the doors listed for four doors only fit the two models. Doors listed for two door sedans only fit those two models and the 7 pass. model. Doors listed for coupes only fit the two coupe models. I would say without a doubt that you will need to find a coupe door if you want to repair your car. There's got to be one out there somewhere! Good hunting.

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