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Buick8 Overheating: Coolant Bypass Valve

1937 Buick 66C

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Good Afternoon all,

Because of the interest various folks have expressed in the modification which is made to the coolant bypass valve to address certain overheating situations in our pre-war Straight 8 Buicks, I have posted the files which address this modification to my personal website. This documentation is specific to a 1937 Century, but I believe it is applicable to most pre-war 8-cylinder Buicks, both large and small series.

You can read a summary of the symptoms, diagnostics and download the files here:



Best Regards,

Jon B Kanas

Website: http://www.2experts.org

Longmont, Colorado; Cultural Center of the Universe

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Thanks Tom. Just need to get as tight a fit as possible I guess.

I do recall that I smoothed down the surface of the casting with a small grinder (Dremel tool) in order to get a good surface to secure the freeze plug. Fortunately, if the freeze plug does come loose, it can't go anywhere where it might do significant damage.

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Marconi you might be able to just take yours off and clean it up real good and free the disc. My car's bypass has never been modified and in Charlotte for the Nationals when it was 100 the highest temperature I saw on my gauge was 185 and that was while I was stopped waiting for a train.


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