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1932 Chevrolet truck cowl and hood

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I have a 1932 Chevrolet cowl section and hood that I would like to sell. The cowl would be a nice start to a woody clone or to put together / fabricate a pickup cab.

The cowl is in very decent shape with small rust out on bottom of both sides at bottom - normal occurrence in these models and patch panels are available as I saw them on the 'Bay' auction site. Has cowl vent and dash with gauges (no telling if they would work?). The hood is pretty straight - has few spots that need love though, again not that bad for a starting point.

I am located in the middle of Missouri where I-70 crosses 63 highway so easy to get to. I will load it if you send a transport to get it or maybe you can get a relay from this area by someone else on the forum? Otherwise, if they ship the shipping is on you.













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