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These wheels are fairly difficult to find and I am offering 4 of them at once for sale. They have some surface rust but are quite solid with the exception of one. One has some rust through on 'band' that disc (which is very solid) rivets to in order to form the inner wheel - then another outer band holds the tire and bolts to it to mount the wheel and tire together. This is the only rust through on the wheels.

1929 Chevy used 20" wheels and that is what these are with 6 bolt hole pattern. Use these for your 29 Chevy restoration or on a speedster build. If you look at really old original speedsters and racers found in pictures on the web you will see many used solid disc wheels rather than wire wheels or wooden spokes. This was for safety as well as looks I believe.

Price is $350.00 plus shipping to you or free pick up if you come to my house in Missouri. Or, send a parts hauler by and I will load them up for them to bring to you.





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