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Where to get ignition parts and other consumables for 41 Hollywood?

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Guest carve

My girlfriend inherited a great 1941 Hollywood from her grandpa. It apparently ran when parked three years ago. I changed the oil, fuel and coolant and gapped and cleaned the plugs. It idled for about 20 seconds and I've been unable to start it since

I figured I'd replace the ignition parts. Even if they're fine, I'll need new ones sooner or later anyway. Where do I go about finding them?

It probably doesn't matter, but the engine isn't original. It was last off the production line at Continental in the late 50's. We have the receipt somewhere. The only differences I'm a aware of are an iron head and that it's "high compression" (compared to the original engine I suppose)

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Guest American Vintage Parts

October 15, 2014

Dear Graham Owners Club Members,

We are delighted to inform you that we have recently acquired the NOS Factory Inventory from the Estate of H. Stanley Liddell. It is an honor to become a part of the preservation of Graham automobiles.

Over the next several months, inventory will be relocated to our warehouse facilities in Oakwood, GA. Some parts have already become available for purchase on our website: AmericanVintageParts.com. You may also reach us through the rotational advertising banner located on the AACA website.

We expect to have most parts inventoried and available for sale within six months. For more immediate needs, please feel free to contact us at: AMERICANVINTAGEPARTS@GMAIL.COM.

Best Regards,

Kevin and Sally Johnson

American Vintage Parts

3642 Explorer Trail Suite B

Oakwood, GA 30566

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If you haven't located you ignition parts for your Hollywood call Nelson Pease, Foundry St., Palmer, Mass.  Phone # 413-283-7620.  FYI  try replacing the coil, usually works for me.  If you have spark at the plug tip and an arc when you manually break the points, its not the coil.  If you have spark at only one of these places, say plugs, its the old wires,  If not spark at the points it is either the point set, condenser, or coil. Eric Kirk

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