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1948 Factory Options


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Looking for cost information on factory installed options on 1948 Buick models. I have a catalog of "Engineer approved accessories for 1948 and previous models" dated September 1948, but these appear to be dealer installed accessories only. This catalog does not list extra cost items such as the black pin-striped Lavain Gray broadcloth & leather custom interior trim or the new Dynaflow Drive, available on Roadmasters only.

I would like to create a window sticker with a list of standard & optional equipment for my 1948 Roadmaster - 71.

I also need a copy of the connections for the rear window wiper, my car has this wiper installed but it had been disconnected and my shop manual only has the installation steps for the wiper motor and arm, not the hose connections in to the switch under the dash and out to the vacuum supply in the engine compartment.


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For what it's worth, new cars did not come with window stickers until the 1959 model year. They were the result of a Federal law sponsored by a NY senator named Monroney. For years they were called Monroney stickers.

Up until that time, individual cars did not have a list price. A dealer was free to demand what the traffic would bear.

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