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For Sale: 1931 Desoto parts ( barn kept)


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I bought a 1931 Desoto and will not be using several parts. These are all original, matching numbers, parts.

2 Front fenders

2 running boards

2 rear fenders

Inline flathead 6 (complete motor w/ bell housing, shifter, emergency brake lever, driveshaft and original carb)

Front I beam axle, 2front springs, all steering linkage and steering box. The steering box moves freely and works very well. I also have around 10 of the original firewall push tabs.

I have a few other random parts including a couple model a/ model t parts.

I will piece it out or sell everything for $1000. Kelsey Dum 501.765.2166

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I have plenty of pics but can't figure out how to load pics. I'm on my phone... Do I need to go to the film site or something or can we even post pics?

If you like, you can send them to me and I will post them here for you. My email address is in post #3.

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FOR SALE: 1931 SA Deluxe Coupe. fully restored[ATTACH=CONFIG]263941[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]263942[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]263943[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]263944[/ATTACH]


located in Lake Forest, il

Just a suggestion....you should start a new post in the Buy/sell forum or here on the DeSoto forum so it does not get overlooked or lost. Also a price is required.

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post-101875-143142697471_thumb.jpgThis is the original rear end and a random part I'm not sure of. I never knew they had a solid straight axle in that decade... Very cool. I have the leaf springs and shackles too... And the drive shaft with coupler and spring. $300 or best offer.


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Hi do you know if the front Spindles on the 30 DeSoto are a match for my 32 Plymouth. If you still have parts I need #318962 and 318963 right and left spindle respectively. I have attached photos. My particular spindle was used on Plymouths from '29 to '32. Thanks for your time









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