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Need set of 235/75R15 radials with a one-inch whitewall...


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...checking this out for a friend; was hoping that the fact it was a 15-inch tire would make it more readily available on the regular new tire market without having to pay the higher price from a antique tire provider (nothing against them--I do business with them all the time. Just on a budget here.)

Already frustrated that I had thought I'd found the tire while surfing the web; as there was no mention of the size of the whitewall on their site, I inquired about the availability of a one-inch whitewall in that size. The response I received the next morning from their help desk was that the site doesn't say what width the whitewall is on the tire..

Well, duh, (in my Lou Costello voice) "THAT'S WHY I'M ASKING YOU!!!!" Some people are walking paychecks...

Any help is appreciated, and thanks...


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