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With the worldly knowledge and help here can anyone tell me more about the Vin number 6164 of my new project ...... all I can tell you is that it's a 1925 EPK coupe Big 6.

Does this number reflect how many of that year or model for that year etc.?

Thanks for any input,

Roger ........ Australia

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The serial number {not VIN} for a 1925 EP starts at 2060001 and goes to 2073000.
Terry, the Serial Number should be the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) used for all legal registrations. Occasionally the body tag or engine number was used in some states or provinces but most have corrected to the number that most stays with the chassis.
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20 hours ago, MsVicki said:

What would this serial number 1204498 mean on a Studebaker?


1925 Standard Six Model ER. The sequence went from 1202000 to 1284000.  It was probably built July/August 1924.

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