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I'll start by saying that I just got my 1st TC and so far I love it. My pull down motor is working but leaves a visible air gap between bottom of soft top & chrome bar on tonneau. Can anyone tell me if there is an adjustment to make it pull down about 1/2 to 3/4 inch further down? I read other posts, and am doing back before relatching top at front.

My car is a 91 v6, auto in white with black interior and soft top. It has well documented 22,450 original miles but a couple of minor problems for me to solve. I did not get owners manual, but everything is there including swiss army knife and umbrella.

Mike Mundy

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A word of caution.....when messing with the top and the pull-down mechanism, but sure and DON'T have your fingers under the back edge of the top when you hit the button to pull it down!!! (Quite sadly...words of experience, here!!)

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