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Moved From General- Starter Issues + Grinding Noise


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Hey all,

It's me again. The restoration process on my '51 Buick Special is going rather well, and after getting a new radiator, I'm beginning to use her more and more often as my daily driver. However, I am a novice, and things are bound to go wrong at some point. Just recently, the starter has stopped engaging when I press down on the gas pedal and now starts immediately when I move my key into the "On" position off of "Lock". This has been accompanied by a half second grinding sound when I turn the vehicle off in park. It does this in no other gear. Perhaps this is an issue with Pinion and Ring gears? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes,


- I moved this thread to the Buick General after mistakingly posting it to the ACAA General Discussion. My bad! I deleted the old thread.

- There was one reply recommending that I get a new starter switch

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