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For Sale: 1938 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan-HPOF Eligible and A Great Tour Car!

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SOLD, Thank you.

1938 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan. This great old, original Ford was sold new at Coon Valley Ford, a small dealership near LaCrosse, WI. It's first owner was the town doctor. After three years, he traded it for a 1941 Model.

The dealer, Mr. Bjornstad, then sold the car to his brother. His brother was a local businessman. In thirty years, these two owners only put just under 58,000 miles before putting it in storage in 1969.

The son of the dealer had long desired this car. But his Uncle would not sell it. Fortunately, Dennis was very passionate about the car and was allowed to provide it with care during storage.

When his Uncle passed, Dennis was able to acquire the car. For the past fourteen years he has made subtle improvements while respecting the originality of the car.

It has new tires and hubcaps on repainted wheels. The hoses, belts and wires were replaced. The rear carpet was replaced.

The fuel tank was cleaned, the sending unit was replaced and a new fuel pump installed. The timing was set and the carburetor was adjusted. This car starts and runs exceptionally well. It has a smooth and quiet engine that starts well either hot or cold, the transmission shifts easily, the brakes,suspension, and the steering are nice and tight.

Much of the glass is original Ford script, as is the fog lamp. The windshield was replaced and the frame was re-plated.

The body is solid. The paint is original. Certainly there are areas where the 76 year old paint have worn through, but there is no rust or surface damage anywhere. The paint has just the right look to remind you that this is an original and well cared for car.

The interior is also original. As mentioned, the rear carpet was replaced. Small knobs and grommets were replaced as they got lost over the years.

The upholstery is in wonderful original condition. The headliner has no holes or seam issues, a few little stains but it is very nice. The door panels show some wear but are still very intact.

The trunk is also very original. It contains the original jack, spare and handles. The doors lock via key. All features function properly.

This is a great low mileage Ford. It has been given wonderful care and the result is a nice car that is still very original, runs and drives great, and is a wonderful example of how these cars were originally built. It would be a great contender for HPOF Certification as well as a strong candidate for the Early Ford V8 Club’s Rouge Award, while at the same time can be used as an enjoyable and very roadworthy tour car. Early Ford V8s are nice, peppy cars that are fun to drive and easy to maintain.The price is an extremely reasonable 11,000.00 and the car is located in Jefferson, WI. Clear and current title. Please call 734-730-4274 or email:
to schedule a viewing or for more information. Thank you.

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