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1939 dodge 218ci spark plug wires

Guest 39DodgeD11

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Guest 39DodgeD11

Ok guys. Car runs but has a definite miss fire. Definitely not running right. Pulled plugs. Cleaned them. Reinstalled em. Ran car less than 5 min and front 3 plugs came out wet while rear 3 came out very black and carboned. Ohmed out plug wires. Will attach pic of results. Went to parts store last night and absolutely no one carries a set of plug wires for this car. What can I cross reference for this car to get a set of plug wires. I ended up ordering a part number of ch617 bwd brand plug wires but woke up this morning thinking their too short. They had lengths of 10 10 12 12 15 15 and 17 for coil wire.

Does anyone have a part number for a set of plug wires that I can take to parts store and say I need these?

Very antsy to get car on the road. Don't want to wait a week for online ordered wires if I don't have to.

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