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Cole, Willy's Knight, pre-1920 cars

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I am seeking some impossible tasks, firstly any Cole cars or parts for sale, especially 1919 body, windshield, and detail work, also pre-1920 cars (prefer from Indiana) and leads on a 1917-1919 88-8 Willys Knight v8 engine, also interested in anything pre-1912 which needs a new home.

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Are these the three lights that were recently on Ebay? they were 1913 with kerosene and electric, I wish I had bought the Cole headlights the owner thought were Buick about a year ago. How much, I have a decent set of 1909 gaslights. and a top bow rest from a 1910-1923 Cole touring. Main effort is to find a body, engine and windshield for one from 1919

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