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1929 Dodge Da Axle shaft needed

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Hi guys. While out on a recent tour, an axle shaft broke. Fortunately, no drama. While pulling away from a stop sign at about 5mph, shifting from 1st to 2nd, there was a slight pop, then no traction in any gear. It was also fortunate the tour just ended, so AAA intervened for the ride home.

Now I am on the hunt for a replacement axle half shaft for a 1929 Dodge Brothers DA. According to data I have, this was originally a "US Axle" part #527. (30 9/16" long). The Lempco replacement axle shaft part# is LD27. Anyone out there have one (or two) for sale, or do you have any leads for same?

I have a request in to Nelson Pease in Palmer, Mass. (Thanks to Gary Ash for that tip). Haven't heard back from him yet.

http://vapinc.com in Colorado claims to have a huge NOS axle inventory, but none for the DA.

And, like everyone else that tries, the inner axle seals are hard to find. Only supplier I have found that might have some is Bernbaum. I am trying to find a modern non-felt seal for replacement. The stainless steel round shims need replaced too. McMaster-Carr has some that are close, but not exact. They appear to be OD=2.75" x ID=2.25" x 0.005" thick. The outer axle seals are readily available.

Thanks for any help or advice you have on the seals or shafts or shims. Joe

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Thanks Bob. I am sure it could have been worse- surprisingly very little drama.

I didn't see anything like that listed on Myers site, but he, no doubt, doesn't have it all listed (e.g., Roy Brister's inventory).

I'll give him call. Sounds like you were having some fun with your DA in the rear axle hub arena, too. All better now?

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Presumably you are referring to items advertised by Hans Compter. I knew he was hungry, but that looks like a serious rip-off too me.

Spinneyhill- I agree, Hans is apparently the "Neiman-Marcus" of the used parts world. He certainly has redefined "Needless-Markup" for me. And besides, my spell-checker doesn't like his name- keeps wanting to change it to "Hans Computer".

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Joe, you might try Then & Now for those inner seals. I ordered a set for my '32 and they came made with modern materials. Their email is: ljthen2@aol.com

And, let me know if you want to place a wanted ad in the DBC News. Email: DBCNews@cox.net

Thanks Phil- I will try Then and Now. I have got an order coming from a vendor for what may be an acceptable modern neoprene lip seal. According to the best measurements I could get off of the old seal, anyway. Of course, the old seal was thoroughly raped, pillaged, and plundered. We'll see how that goes. I will post the new part # if it's a green light. Obtaining this seal has been a problem child for a while.

And now the great news- Success finding a NOS replacement axle! A very nice gentleman, Mr. Nelson Pease, N.B. Pease & Co came through. Ph# 413-283-7620. I looked up his company for a website and didn't find one. But I did find a very cool picture of his place. Check it out= click on the picture below for a larger view. I would love to see the inside!

So thanks to everyone. And Wyobob, I may be interested in a spare-so I will email you. post-54582-143142631508_thumb.jpg

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Hi Guys, While I do have some spare D.A. axles I doubt anyone would want to pay the freight from South Australia.

However here is a worthwhile tip regarding our old seals.

Remove the inner part of the old seal and find a seal with the same I.D. as you need that has an O.D. that fits inside your old one and press it into yours.

My mate has been doing this for years with great success. It does help if you have a friendly guy at the bearing shop who will look at dimensions rather than part numbers on the computer.

I hope this helps.


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