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Lincoln-Zephyrs (non continental) have blades that have quick connect

ends.. but there are 2 common styles with similar descriptions but completely different..

I believe some blades are equipped for both..but, what is original factory design

hooked arm....straight 9 1/4 inch long with flat end that has a little dip on the end, 9 inch blade


slotted arm, equipped with slit on the end to accept the hook style blade..also 9 1/4 arm and 9 blade..

How long should arms and blades really be???

non Continental...

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Jeff, my last set of Zeffer blades and arms were bought from a well known LZOC dealer who really knows his Lincoln parts. The arms are 10" flattened out and are the same as your picture #2, The wiper blades are 9" and are the same as you picture #3. The parts were bought for a 1940 LZ The 1940 arms use a chrome nut to fasten the arm to the housing. 41 Zeffers arms just slip over the chrome housing rotating shaft.

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