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According to LZOC judges I have the correct generator. The problem is the pulley is a screw-on with a locking nut. I discovered this the hard way. The nut came off, the pulley came off, hit the fan, bent one blade that cut a deep circle in the radiator that required a new core ($1,005). The '39 parts book does not show a screw-on pulley. What is the correct generator configuration for a late '39?:mad:


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The judges ...yea right..... The problem is that the generator has had a replacement armature and it threads onto the pulley..I am no judge but

have noticed that most generators of this era have a c clip on the shaft that keeps the pulley from back spinning off often due to overtightened belt..

take a wizz disc or dremel and widen a couple threads, install a clip..

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