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I have a few leftovers from my project a few years back that must be of some use to someone:

1937 '110' transmission: The cane has been re-bent at the original bend but can be re-bent to original. I have either the '110' or '120' yokes, whichever one you need. I ran this in my car for three years,it's fine. I switched to an OD.

1940 '120' front drums/hubs w/bearings, no heat checks or grooves. The rears cleaned up with one cut to .020 over. Need to be reconditioned..

1953-4 (?) 6V OD solenoid (works).

1940 Autolite generator rebuilt, converted to 12V model# GEA-4801A. The shop says it's charging 13.6 V at a 32A draw but it never charged in my car. (?)

At any rate I know I paid $135 for the tranny and I don't recall what I paid to have the gen. rebuilt, but $150. buys it all. The catch is you have to take it all, and, pick it up to boot. I'm in NY's mid Hudson Valley.



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