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1951 76R headliner bows - interchange?

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The interchange book I have isn't so great. I need to invest in one of the "good" ones. But for those of you with a good one, can you tell me if the headliner bows for the 1951 76R (2-door hardtop) will interchange with those from the 1952 Super 2-door hardtop?

Same question - for the stainless trim that is visible inside the headliner at each bow?


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The Master Body Parts Books shows different parts numbers for each of the 6 headliner bows. Eric, I typically go to my parts books before going to an interchange book. If I still suspect something may interchange, I go to the interchange book and sometime find that a part will indeed interchange or there is a comment as to how to alter it to fit. Invest in a 1930-1957 parts book, body and chassis, money WELL spent.

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