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EPK 5 Passenger Coupe Dimensions

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Hi to all here,

I recently bought a 1925 EPK Coupe, I am eagerly awaiting its delivery and hoping that it will comfortably fit into it's new stable.

I haven't seen the car, as I am several thousand kilometres from the USA.

Foolishly I didn't think to ask the seller to run his tape measure from bumper to bumper and the width, height etc. before it left his hands.

Does anyone know the physical dimensions, or where I might be able to acquire this info about this classic big machine?

All I know is it's 127" wheel base, that's not enough info to see if I can squeeze it into the designated sleeping quarters or do I need a plan B before it gets here?

There is a spare wheel and metal trunk at the back of it, before the bumper and attachments.

Any info would be greatly appreciated,


Roger ....... Australia

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Thank you studeq, thats very helpful ...... where do you find this info? I have tried to expand the chart but it becomes too blurry to read, I would also like to know the total width from the outside of the guards at the rear, if you can help with also?

Thanks Roger

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Thanks again studeq, after revisiting your helpful info here I clicked on the attachments and they are quite readable now.

Is there any info on how many 1925 EPK coupe's are still out there?

I found that they had quite large production numbers in that year, for that model, approax 40,000.

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I have a 1928 Studebaker Commander model GB Victoria that is probably very close to the same dimensions of your EP Coupe. My rear bumpers measure 66 inches from left to right sides and the rear fenders extend outward about 1" further than the bumper ends on each side. RTQ has a very large collection of Studebaker literature that he has acquired over the years so he can look up details of most any Studebaker question anyone can pose. He lives in Northern Illinois area south west of the Chicago area. I live about 350 miles south of Chicago but did live near Richard about 8 years ago and can confirm him as one of the most knowledgable Studebaker data sources. I attached a photo of my 1928 Commander below.

John Shanahan (Stude8)post-31139-143142609838_thumb.jpg

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Thank you John for your help, what a great example you have there. It looks new.

I will Google RTQ tonight after work and see what I can find out.

The previous post from studeq was a great help also and lead me to another site Richard Quinn, with loads of reading to do there.

I am fairly confident that I can now cautiously manoeuvre my exciting retirement project, into its new resting place.

Do you know of how many survivors are out there of models like ours? It would be nice to have registry going and to exchange info.

Much appreciated for you time and help here,

regards Roger

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Regarding the source of the information I posted initially it came from the Salesman’s Book of Facts. The one on right in photo #1 below is dated 8-24 which is consistent with the introduction of the new EP, EQ and ER cars (generally referred to as 1925 models), it has 64 pages. The one on left is dated 1-26 and is an updated version with 71 pages. I am also including in image #2 a page of general mechanical specifications for this series. As for the width of your EP Coupe I see nothing that gives a specific answer however if you look at the diagram and use the number provided by stude8 I feel that will get you close enough.



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There are no production figures by body style for any Studebakers prior to 1934. Only a total of all body styles.


I'll attach a photo of the rear view of my 1928 GB Victoria in case there are any details it might answer for your restoration project.

John Shanahanpost-31139-1431426222_thumb.jpg

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