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1951-56 Packard Fuel Tanks


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NEW 1951-56 Packard Fuel Tanks

Now available by Kanter Auto Products new production fuel tanks for 1951-56 Packards. With your original Packard tank being close to 60 years old, now is the time to replace it with our NEW tank. Stop being plagued with the thought of rust and other debris flowing through your fuel systems endangering your fuel pump or carburetor. The days of boiling and reconditioning tanks are over. Each one of our tanks are precision built to OEM specs to provide the perfect fit and function like factory new. Kanter Auto Product’s new tank will provide you with the assurance and peace-of-mind of many happy miles and years of use. Our fuel tanks are available in a deluxe kit for a seamless installation that includes the tank, straps, sending unit, T-bolts, vent tube and clamps or as individual components.

  • Steel tank is a direct replacement of the original tank
  • Tanks are Ni-Terne treated steel
  • Drain plug in tank
  • Original placement of threaded bung for fuel pick up
  • Constructed of 18 gauge steel
  • Includes correct filler neck with rolled lip for a perfect seal

Kanter Auto Products 1-800-526-1096 or WWW.KANTER.COM

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