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1934 PE ??


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Hi Chris, yes it's all a matter of opinion and personal preference, as I am able to find any detailed information on the Flame range it's almost make it up as you go, Jim Benjaminson has written a couple of All par articles on the subject but they don't touch on specific details. The front fenders don't have the pockets to accept the spare wheels and to be honest I wouldn't want to over up the hood side door vents. one spare, only one will be mounted on the side of the bed.

Still a long road to travel on this one yet,hoping it goes shot blasting in the next 2/3 weeks but that wont include the bed or rear fenders, I am going to attempt producing my own rear fenders, the one that came with it are 37/39, have the buck made ready, a lot of wheeling and hammer work ahead.

http://www.allpar.com/history/plymouth/1934.html   http://www.allpar.com/squads/history.html

Watch this space.

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Still not convinced that this color is the correct one. a few days ago on another site someone posted http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?ditzler=IM1384&con=4&page=1&rows=50&size=large that site list carrotte #3 as a product  PPG IM1384 

G B Y1934PlymouthPlymouthCarrotte C 


IM1384#3, also Carotte Red


Not a paint man but can't rely on anybody to get what I want, got to get me a crash course on paint types before I go any further with this part of the resto.

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