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1953 Buick Skylark

Guest CKC

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1953 Buick Skylark Matador Red. V-8 322 cu. in. 188 horsepower. Dynaflow Automatic Transmission. This car was the winner of several car show awards including the 2012 Hemmings Concours d'Elegance. Restoration completed in 2012. Car is #6 of #1690 produced. Located in North Branford, Connecticut. Numbers matching. Second owner. $149,900 or best offer.



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The rear tire kit wasn't from the factory or even by special order, correct?

If it wasn't factory installed, does the install of a after market kit hurt the cars value, just wondered. Dad was a Buick dealer, we had a 53 Lark too, and I don't think we ever saw or had one with a tire kit.

Very nice car.

Dale in Indy

P.S. It was a very low car, height wise, in fact I recall Buick sent measuring sticks to dealers cut to the length of the cars height to show customers just how low it was. I SHOULD HAVE KEPT THAT STICK.

They also sent to dealers a desk size converter for the Dynaflow, approx. 6-8" diameter, it was clear plastic, sat on a base, had colored fluid in it, and a hand crank. You would hold one side of the output shaft, and turn the crank to show how it applied torque through the output shaft. I have looked for years, and never seen another.

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