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Parts for many different vehicles: 67 Cougar, 74 LTD, 66 Tbird, 78 Datsun 280Z 2+2, Several Poly eng

Guest safetymike77

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Guest safetymike77

I have been parting out title-less cars. These cars have typically been rusty midwest cars with decent interiors and drivetrains that are present, but maybe not working. I have had some good body parts, glass, and many small parts. I strip everything I can from the cars in order to help other cars stay on the road. I am also into old cars myself, and I have a 60 Dodge Seneca. I tend to like oddballs! I have posted adds in many of the places for specific cars. Hopefully, I can help some of you all improve your old cars! I typically make a public facebook album with pictures of all parts, which I delete from the album once a part is sold. For each add, I have posted the appropriate album link. Feel free to add me on Facebook!

I have also started making deals with demo guys to strip cars for parts before they get their hands on them. I know alot of you all don't like the derby guys, but I am trying to save as much as I can... even if it is just parts for others!


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