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1924 Kissel Model 6-55 Victoria Coupe

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Thought I would post a couple of pictures of the 1924 Kissel Model 6-55 Victoria Coupe which was recently added to the Kissel collection. It is an "oddball" model, only made for three years and not many sold; this car is the ONLY known one of this model that has survived. It is a 4-interior passenger car with an interesting seating arrangement. It runs and is in original shape. I will probaly keep it as an original in this museum quality. It looks great next to its older 1923 twin Kissels!





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I love it. Are you going to own every Kissel?

Dear alsancle,

Check out my web site at www.kisselsandantiquecars.com.

Really just like the 1917 to 1927 Kissels, and then only the unrestored ones because those are the only ones affordable. But at least I now have alot of interchangeable Kissel chassis, trim, and engine parts, so that I can take an urestored parts car and bring it back to Kissel life!.


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Just in case you did not see this project and you get bored with the current grouping this one has been for sale for a while:


Saw a real nce Kissel in Greenwich a few weeks ago - really cool cars!

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