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1936 Buick - Who's going to break the news

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A really well presented ebay advert for a nice 1936 Buick including heaps of great photos.

But who is going to break the news to the sellers that what they have is not a rare 1936 Special Sport Coupe with only 2597 examples being produced ( as they claim ) but in fact a model 48 Special Victoria Trunk Coupe, the second most popular Buick sold in 1936 with a total of 21,241 being produced ( plus a further 82 for export ).


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Not to mention that the "correct" exterior colors shouldn't be used in combination. '36's were single body color. Looks good, though. No doubt the dealer knows it's not a coupe; it's just a hook.

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This could be interesting......he may have paid the sell too much because he thought it was rare and correct. I figure if they are in the business to sell "classic" cars, they should research and know what they are selling.

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It is not unusual to see the model number stamped in instead of out (or to be completely missing). I'm guessing the 48 is stamped in because it was stamped by Buick and not Fisher. I think Fisher was more interested in the style number because they built bodies for all GM lines.








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