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GB Stake Bed


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post-86212-143142588659_thumb.jpgJust acquired this Graham Brothers Stake Bed truck. Haven't had time to check it out for numbers etc, but it looks like most metal parts are there. 6 cyl. motor seems pretty much complete. I'm trying to figure out the year. Notice the headlights are mounted right to the fender rather than a bar like most of the photos I've seen. Also 2 separate rear windows. Edited by whiskeyjack
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This is a distance cousin to my 1929 Dodge Bros series "E " 3/4 ton stake bed. I would suggest you post thread in the Dodge Bros ares of this site.

The DNA of this truck is: motor #, frame #, wheelbase and model number.

1) motor number on passenger side of the motor near front valve cover.

2) frame number near front of front spring mount on the drivers side. Should be an E, D, or S prefix. Doubt it would be S since that means Stockton CA.

3) model number is on small plate on the passenger side of the floor board or toe board.

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Thanks Stakeside. I'll check for numbers although the floor has been replaced with wood so probably won't find much on the toe board.

Here is a listing for Dodge Bros trucks I had in my reference collection. Your frame number should be listed in these groups. Sad to say but the frame numbers can be wiped clear by rust. It should be listed on the title although.

the frame # of the red GB posted earlier is E 140xxx and my DB is S 114xxx. E means Evansville Id built, and S mean Stockton Ca built.

There is a transition from GB trucks to DB trucks during late 1920's.



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