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Looking good.   You mentioned EFI.  You WILL NOT be sorry.   I have had it on my 1950 for 7 years or so.  You will have to change to 12V if you have not done so.  


  I have an Affordable Fuel Injection system on mine. Not as neat as the FItech, but a little less expensive.  If you will PM your phone # to me we can talk of forum.  


  Come to Midwest City [OKC] this week.



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Hello Ben!


I cannot wait to get rid of the carb! Did you have to change your intake manifold to add EFI? The FiTech (and all the other options I've seen) is 4 barrel. I was thinking I'd have to make an adapter or perhaps alter the manifold... How did you do yours? 


Have you noticed any extra power or other perks, aside from the increased reliability? 

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Mostly reliability and driveability.  Fuel mileage is better , slightly, and more consistent.

 Holley does have a two barrel.  AFI made an adapter for mine.  Did not have to change the manifold.  I did later. 


  I now have a "hopped up"  '51 263 in mine.  I increased the compression ratio to 9.5-1. 



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More parts cleaning tonight! 


The heater core is done and most of the distributor parts are cleaned. Hoping to have the distributor back together by the weekend. 


I've been going through the shop and storage rooms, just cleaning and painting any parts that I can find. It's getting harder and harder to find unrestored parts, which must mean that we're getting close. 🙂















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I'm still here! Babylife has been keeping me busy, but I have made some progress on the Buick in these past 4 months... 😉


The engine and transmission have been mounted and the body, doors, and panels are ready for the mobile media blaster. I'm planning to have that done in January. After that's finished, everything will be primed and the floors will be cut out and replaced. Then, we'll paint the bottom and put the body back on the frame. 🙂


I've also included a photo of my little helper, wearing his favorite onesie. 😛 












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On 12/15/2019 at 5:24 PM, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:

Looking good, kid and car.  Did you use the original master cylinder?. Or a different size?Power or non?  



Thanks Ben!


I've got a rebuilt, original-style master cylinder installed. I have been debating adding power steering and power brakes, but haven't decided yet. Any thoughts? 

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many owners are putting Dual reservoir masters on their car for the safety if something goes wrong

with disc brakes you will have to use a proportioning valve

i would contact Wilwood to see what they recommend as far as fluid volume and with discs power should definitely be considered

my opinion hope it helps

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