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for sale: 1922 Vauxhall touring 23-60

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1922 Vauxhall 23-60 OD touring. 4 litre overhead valve engine. 4 speed transmission, beautiful original knock off wire wheels. Excellent upholstery, top, and full side curtains. The body is fabric covered, Weyman style, and is in very good condition. Built in running board tool box with all tools. Beautiful dash with all original instruments. This car was restored and toured extensively in Australia in the 60's, 70's and 80's. In 1996 it came to Vancouver Canada and has not run since then. The engine did suffer a freezing crack on the water jacket in 1996. This has been professionally stitched however water has not been put back into the engine. This is a very rare, powerful car produced when Vauxhall was competing with Bentley on quality and style. Has BC title and Vintage plates. $28500US










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Back in July, I was lucky enough to buy this car and it is now shipped back to England, its birthplace.

A wonderful find, the engine is now stripped down and a new block has been located. It should be up and running by Easter.


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Ken, is your 1922 Vauxhall 23-60 OD touring still available?  Winter is coming and this is something that's up my ally.






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