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1938 Chrysler body ID tag

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I am wondering if anybody has an idea on the meaning of some abbreviations on my 1938 Chrysler Imperial Body tag.





JOB No46-4


From this, I know the following:

C19: Imperial

BC: Business Coupe

1408: Body number 1408

229: Gyro Blue Poly Exterior Paint

632: ?? Interior trim (no idea what material or color this should be) (My parts book lists this only as "Pile" material)

RHCT: ??

OD: optional overdrive transmission.

Job No46-4: ??

Does anybody have a clue what RHCT might stand for? The car doesn't seem to have any unusual options, but I am assuming this stands for some sort of optional equipment installed at the factory, like the overdrive transmission.

Does anybody know, or have a car with the 632 interior trim? I'd like to redo it in the proper pattern if possible.




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1 hour ago, RSayak said:

I realize this is an old topic, but I'm still looking for any tips on this topic.


There may be some guys on here now who can answer your questions. Glad to see you brought the topic up again. I like to learn more any time I can. Have you looked into the WPC Club? It is all about Chrysler products.

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I have started looking into the WPC club. My dad had been a member for some time in the 80's-90's. I also realized that I haven't checked here for a while either. My projects have stalled for a while and I'm trying to get things rolling again.

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