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Motor Monthlies, Show Issues 4 sale

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Hi:<P>I'm liquidating another portion of our collection pre- '30 literature, and related books and magazines, including some very nice Motor Show issues in the '30's. These are from the collection of one of the founders of the Horseless Carriage Club.<P>About 100 items will be auctioned this month on eBay. All $5 starting bid, no reserve.<P>Here's a link for a photo gallery of items currently up for auction:<P><A HREF="http://www.auctiva.com/showcase/as_4sale.asp?uid=magazine_guy&hint=190%2A+191%2A+192%2A+Brass+Orphan+Motor+Annual&tab=search&logic=OR" TARGET=_blank>Brass/Orphan Auction Gallery</A><P>I'll be listing additional items every couple days during May. Happy Bidding!<P>Steve<P>steve@automemories.com

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