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Good parts resource for 1963 Lincoln Continental


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I have a friend who is contemplating the purchase of a 1963 Lincoln Continental; admittedly I am a GM guy (Oldsmobile in particular), but if I was Jay Leno, I'd have one of everything, including one of these!

Who are the good resources for mechanical parts and such here? Also, while I am aware that these vehicles were among the best-engineered cars ever built, what are some of the things I should look into that would be potential problem areas?

Any input would be welcomed, and thanks again,


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Guest 65Starfire

Baker's Automotive - Putnam CT

Lincoln Land - Lakeland FL

Lincoln Mercury Old Parts Store - Clearwater FL

Mark II Enterprises - Apple Valley CA

to name a few...

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Guest 65Starfire

Some things to look out for with the 430 MEL engine: The fuel pump should have a vapor return line and a heat shield and make sure there is hard line from the fuel pump filter (screwed into the bump outlet) to the carb.

If the car has not been started in a while check the valves and push rods to make sure nothing is stuck BEFORE you turn the engine over. Bent pushrods, stuck valves and the subsequent toasted lifters and cam happen fast! Also make sure you have an oil with zinc additive in it like Valvoline Racing oil etc. (ask me how I know!)

The Transmission should be fine as should the rear end but check the fluid in each.

An electric fuel pump back at the tank with a switch for starting on hot days (after the car is running vapor lock is usually not a prob) will save you much aggravation.

Get a wiring diagram BEFORE you touch anything electrical.

The power steering pump is crank mounted behind the harmonic balancer and runs the wipers too - so check the fluid often and make sure to change the filter in the reservoir periodically.

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