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Mirrors for a 1957 Buick - what have you done?


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I have a 1957 Buick Century 4dr Hardtop, and it currently does not have any side mirrors. I would like to install some because I have only driven it a bit, and I do find it difficult to drive with them. I am not sure which ones to install and wanted to ask what others have done.

I am thinking about trying to get some NOS mirrors, but I am getting no replies from the people that I sent out emails to.

What about peep mirrors? Will they do the function without modifying the car? Do they work well?

What about these ones from Bob's? http://bobsautomobilia.com/shop/mirrors/factory-accy.-side-view-mirror-right-1957-58.-m-578r.html Would these be period correct to a Buick?

Thanks for your input!


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Hello Jason;

I also have '57 Century 4-door hardtop and have no side mirrors. I was wanting to add some but have resisted mounting anything. I have also thought about the peep mirrors since they can be removed. I am still working on the brakes for now. Please Let us know what you decide. I would like to hear more from you about your Century. Here is my personal email...gliss46@sbcglobal.net Thanks JR

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Hello all,

So from reading around, this is what I have found out.

The fender mounted NOS mirrors look really cool (in my opinion) but they are smaller and farther away, so they would not function well for my desired purpose. (being able to see what is behind me) BUT, these are the more rare option, and would add to the "cool" factor.

The peep mirrors, would work, but they are not original looking mirrors to the period of the car. I can remove them if I wish, but I probably sill never do that as I intend to drive this car more than I intend to park it. So having permanent mirrors would be nice.

The Buick NOS door mounted mirrors would probably provide the best functionality, but the passenger side mirror is difficult to see due to mounting location.

So If I go with the door mounted mirrors, is it worth it to install the passenger mirror? Will it look weird only having one mirror?

I am leaning towards the door mounted mirrors, and installing both sides (for looks).

Pictures are going to be coming of my car, work is getting in the way for me to get my car fixed up so that I can enjoy it on the road!!! Just finished installing a new water pump, and the torque ball seal kit (from ebay), but now I am replacing the speedo cable (so off with the dashboard) and some brake work.

I will keep you posted as to the mirrors.

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Guest my3buicks

One mirror was common completely into the early 70's, passenger side was optional and even today NOS passenger side ones can be rare and pricey.

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I echo what Keith said that one mirror was more common than 2 for many years. It was not unusual for the mirrors to be different from each other as in the case of a remote control mirror on the driver's side and a non remote factory accessory mirror on the passenger side. What would be wrong with sliding the passenger side mirror to a point beyond the vent window where it would be useful? I'll be mounting one on my 65 Lesabre; but I want it usable as well. Factory remote is on the driver side. Factory accessory is non remote.

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